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Utility Financial Sustainability and Rates Dashboards

These free, interactive Rates Dashboards are designed to assist utility managers and local officials to compare and analyze water and wastewater rates against multiple characteristics. Dashboards are available for 10 states, including North Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Illinois (NEW), Ohio (NEW), Texas, Colorado, and South Carolina.

Water and Wastewater Rates Analysis Model

An easy-to-use, simplified model that projects the water/wastewater utility's revenues, expenses and fund balance for the next 20 years under existing rates versus proposed new rates. Uniform ("flat") and block rate structures for up to 12 rate structures can be assessed. Data inputs are minimal and basic. This tool is designed specifically for small water/wastewater systems. The tool is free to download and use.

Emerging Themes in Environmental Finance: Insights from a Forum of Leaders

The Environmental Finance Center hosted a public forum featuring presentations by prominent environmental finance experts and innovators from a variety of perspectives that cut across geographic regions, sectors, and issues. This event fostered discussion and identified emerging trends, strategies, and ideas in answering the basic “how will we pay” questions at the heart of successful environmental protection. This report summarizes 10 themes that emerged from the forum.

Water Values Podcast

EFC Director Jeff Hughes joins The Water Values Podcast for an in-depth discussion about environmental finance. In this podcast, Jeff guides listeners from traditional ratemaking to several more creative approaches to implementing water rates. Jeff helps to unravel all of the complicated questions being discussed among utilities and consumers as new rate designs are being explored and introduced.

New Video Series Highlights Critical Financial Practices for Water Utilities

A new series of educational videos produced by the Environmental Finance Center at UNC Chapel Hill, with support from the Water Research Foundation, offers an engaging, accessible, and easily shareable resource on financial management topics designed specifically for water utility governing boards. The Water₡lips Video Series describes challenges faced by water utilities across the country using eye catching visualizations and easy to understand explanations of concepts that can otherwise be daunting.