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Arizona Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard

The Arizona Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard has a new look and new functions for 2015! This interactive dashboard is designed to assist users in comparing utility rates against multiple characteristics, and includes rate data from 354 Arizona utilities. New features include the ability to edit a utility's data and add a new utility to the dashboard, a Financial Benchmarks Tab with key financial performance indicators, and improvements to make navigating the dashboard simpler and faster.

Water Connection Charges: A Tool for Encouraging Water-Efficient Growth

One of the greatest challenges facing many U.S. communities today is supporting a growing population with limited water resources. Conservation is widely acknowledged as a critical part of the solution, but often utility conservation efforts are heavily focused on existing customers and ignore new customers at the crux of the challenge.

Rural Community Energy and Economic Capacity Building Program

The EFC recently launched a program to provide resources to empower rural town administrators to create sustainable energy efficiency programs for communities in Eastern North Carolina and throughout the Southeast. These resources will educate building owners on the benefits of energy efficiency, expand the financial expertise of the contractor workforce, and provide viable financing alternatives for energy efficiency initiatives.

Innovative Alternative Pricing Models for Utilities

Public water utilities and the EFC work together to investigate the possible use of new types of pricing models that are more typical in other industries. The alternative price models are designed to vastly increase revenue stability and resiliency for the utilities in the face of declining demands while providing stronger financial incentives to customers to reduce peak demands.

Water and Wastewater Rates Analysis Model

Use our free Water and Wastewater Rates Analysis Model to help set water and/or wastewater rates next year by projecting the utility's expenses, revenues from rates, and fund balance for the next few years. Data inputs are minimal, and the tool has been updated to offer several new features and improvements to make it easier to test scenarios and help determine whether the utility needs to adjust rates in order to achieve financial sufficiency.