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New Video Series Highlights Critical Financial Practices for Water Utilities

A new series of educational videos produced by the Environmental Finance Center at UNC Chapel Hill, with support from the Water Research Foundation, offers an engaging, accessible, and easily shareable resource on financial management topics designed specifically for water utility governing boards. The Water₡lips Video Series describes challenges faced by water utilities across the country using eye catching visualizations and easy to understand explanations of concepts that can otherwise be daunting.

Smart Management for Small Water Systems

Through the Smart Management for Small Water Systems project, the EFC works to improve the financial and managerial capabilities of the nation's smallest, most plentiful, and neediest public water systems - those serving fewer than 10,000 people.

Georgia Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard

Our Georgia interactive rates and financial benchmarking dashboard has a new look and many new features and functions. It is designed to assist utility managers and local officials with analyzing residential water and wastewater rates against multiple characteristics, including utility finances, system characteristics, customer base socioeconomic conditions, and geography.

Measuring & Mitigating Water Revenue Variability: Understanding How Pricing Can Advance Conservation Without Undermining Utilities' Revenue Goals

As water utilities across North America undertake capital campaigns to finance the replacement and expansion of their systems, the need for confident revenue projections grows. Yet many water utilities are subject to factors that can affect revenue variability, including volatile weather patterns and a growing imperative to conserve scarce water resources.

Innovative Financing Approaches for Stormwater and Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure has become a growing component of many local governments' environmental stewardship strategies. While many smaller scale demonstration projects across the country have attracted external grant funding, full-scale implementation will require a robust financing approach. Under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. EPA, the EFC is working to promote innovative financing approachses for stormwater and green infrastructure projects. The EFC received funding from the EPA to promote innovative financing approaches for stormwater and green infrastructure projects. The project was also aimed at capturing the lessons learned on areas such as budget considerations and incentive mechanisms for green infrastructure projects.