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In order to protect water resources and provide clean drinking water and wastewater treatment, which are critical public health and environmental services, many communities must overcome the challenges and costs associated with inadequate and aging infrastructure. Through WaterCARE, the EFC and its partners will assist 10 communities across the country in developing robust and resilient finance strategies for water infrastructure that meets long-term needs.

Financial Health Checkup for Water Utilities

Use our free tool to assess the financial performance of your water and/or wastewater utility fund. This tool translates financial data readily available in your annual financial statements into key financial indicators that measure a variety of important metrics, such as the ability to pay debt service, availability of cash to pay for operations and maintenance, the sufficiency of revenues generated, etc. The tool demonstrates the financial strengths and weaknesses of the utility fund in the past 5 years.

Rate Approval Process Communication Strategy and Toolkit

Presenting the need for a rate increase and obtaining the approval from the governing board can be daunting for utility/local government staff. This project provides tools for utilities that assist in their preparation for and presentation requesting rate increases when necessary.

North Carolina Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard

This interactive rates and financial benchmarking dashboard is designed to assist utility managers and local officials with analyzing residential water and wastewater rates against multiple characteristics, including utility finances, system characteristics, customer base socioeconomic conditions, and geography.