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Innovative Alternative Pricing Models for Utilities

Public water utilities and the EFC work together to investigate the possible use of new types of pricing models that are more typical in other industries. The alternative price models are designed to vastly increase revenue stability and resiliency for the utilities in the face of declining demands while providing stronger financial incentives to customers to reduce peak demands.

Utility Financial Sustainability and Rates Dashboards

These free, interactive Rates Dashboards are designed to assist utility managers and local officials to compare and analyze water and wastewater rates against multiple characteristics. Dashboards are available for 10 states, including North Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Illinois (NEW), Ohio (NEW), Texas, Colorado, and South Carolina.

Water and Wastewater Rates Analysis Model

Use our free Water and Wastewater Rates Analysis Model to help set water and/or wastewater rates next year by projecting the utility's expenses, revenues from rates, and fund balance for the next few years. Data inputs are minimal, and the tool has been updated to offer several new features and improvements to make it easier to test scenarios and help determine whether the utility needs to adjust rates in order to achieve financial sufficiency.

Setting Water Rates using a Complimentary Excel-based Model

What should your water rates be to cover all of your expenses in the next few years? Join our free webinar on August 11, 2015 from 2:30 - 3:30pm. This webinar will help water systems answer this question by demonstrating the Water and Wastewater Rates Analysis Model, a free basic Excel-based tool developed for small water systems. The tool helps water systems determine whether they need to adjust rates, and by how much, in order to achieve financial sufficiency.

Water and Wastewater Residential Rates Affordability Assessment Tool

The EFC’s new easy-to-use Excel tool guides a utility to assess the relative affordability of its water and wastewater rates on its residential customers using multiple metrics. Affordability is assessed for the average customer, low-income customers and a full range of households based on their various income levels. The tool also allows for a new rate structure to be entered to see how affordability compares from one rate structure to the next.