EFC Project: Innovative Financing Approaches for Stormwater and Green Infrastructure

Innovative Financing Approaches for Stormwater and Green Infrastructure

The EFC has received funding from the EPA to promote innovative financing approaches for stormwater and green infrastructure projects. As part of this work, the EFC is reviewing the myriad of publications that have been produced in this area in the last few years. We will create a catalog that analyzes these publications along various criteria. The project is also aimed at capturing the lessons learned on areas such as budget considerations and incentive mechanisms for green infrastructure projects. 

This project includes education, training, technical assistance, and outreach around innovative financing approaches for green infrastructure.  

While reference will be made to many examples of green infrastructure finance mechanisms from around the country, the EFC will be focusing assistance efforts on the following three communities under this project:


City of Clayton, GA

Durham, NC

Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District, MN

Rincon, GA - see whitepaper for City Council


The EFC's activities under this project include:

  • Producing a catalog of publications describing the established benefits of green infrastructure - see the catalog here
  • Creating case studies that highlight how local governments have overcome hurdles to funding and implementing GI projects
  • Exploring opportunities to use the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to leverage additional financing for green infrastructure projects
  • Illustrating approaches for incentivizing and facilitating public-private partnerships and private investment of green infrastructure - see related webinar here

Project funded by: Environmental Protection Agency
Project last updated: Tue, 2014-06-17 07:53